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J.D. Langley is a Senior Judge for the state of

Texas. having retired from the 85th District

Court of Brazos County after 24 years. 

While he serves as a senior judge, he has

the time and the interest in helping

people avoid the long drawn out and

expensive process of going to court.

Whether it's a business dispute,

property, personal and divorce Judge Langley

brings his years of experience on the bench to help you reach an amicable resolution. 

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Jacqui Miller is an experienced entrepreneur with a degree in Business Management.   Her eclectic background has helped many find  creative

and innovative resolutions to their disputes. 

She has a great way of being able to see

both sides of any situation and finding

the middle ground. She is a trained Mediator

with a certificate in Family Mediation who

can help with business, family or personal

disputes to meet your court required mediation

or to keep you out of court entirely. 

J.D. Langley
Jacqui Miller
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