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J.D. Langley is retired 85th District Court Judge

and Senior Judge for the State of Texas he is

committed to helping our clients resolve their

disputes in an efficient and timely manner.

His courtroom experience helps you work

out the most thorough resolution

by troubleshooting all potentialities.

His years of experience and expertise helps

us to provide the highest quality of services

in the most professional and confidential environment.

J.D. Langley

Jacqui Miller is a certified mediator with an eclectic background in business, creativity and entrepreneurship. With a degree in

Business Management and experience in dispute resolution,

she have developed a unique approach to mediation.

Her mediation services are tailored to each individual,

helping them to find a resolution and a better understanding

of their situation. She uses her creative skills to provide a

safe and understanding environment for all parties involved.

Helping clients achieve a successful outcome, while also

taking into account their emotional needs.

Jacqui Miller
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