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Hope in the middle of a storm.
Peace at the end of the day.

Conflict Coaching and Reconciliation Mediation are new services Jacqui Miller is offering. Sometimes even when there is a conflict people know they have to learn to work together, be it in business or family life it is not always best to walk away. But with help, people can learn how to negotiate the problems so they can work together toward a common goal: be it family harmony, business and work related, or successful completion of the school year. 

Sitting down with a conflict resolution specialist allows you to learn how to resolve a conflict by mapping out a Path Forward™, what steps each party in the dispute can do in order to move forward toward a more positive and harmonious new relationship. This is NOT Counseling but Coaching. Jacqui Miller will sit down with all members of the dispute (individually or together) allowing each person to express their concerns so everyone can be heard and then work with everyone to design the Path Forward™. The Path Forward™ would be an agreement with all parties that outlines actions each can take to bring more harmony in their interactions. This can be a couple and what they can do to reinstate harmony in the home, without divorce. Managing a complex family dynamic, like merging modern families or teacher/student conflicts don't have to end in suspensions or other more dramatic steps. Or, manager/staff disputes that just need some help to enable people to continue to work together. Personalities can get in the way when people have to interact, with a Path Forward™ people can learn to put their differences aside for the good of the objective, getting through the school year for instance, learning how to work together, or how to stay married. 

We all have to learn how to live together in peace and harmony, why suffer when there is a Path Forward™. 

If this is something you want to try Call me directly or email me through the Contact Us page. I am offering this service free  for the first hour for a limited time, let me help you find your way to a more peaceful life.


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